Enough of Winter!

Beach in Puerto Rico

Palmas del Mar © melabee m miller

Take a seat in the lounge chair on this beautiful beach in Puerto Rico.

Soft rolling waves.

Soft rolling waves. © melabee m miller

Now, look out at the waves and imagine the warm water.

Sunset on the beach

Sleeping on the beach? © melabee m miller

We could stay all night but, how about a lovely meal?

Marinating shrimp in Puerto Rico.

Shrimp © melabee m miller

Start with shrimp marinated in a hot sauce.

A wonderful Mallorca dessert. © melabee m miller

And, top off this escape with a Mallorca, fried to perfection.

Feel Better?  I do!


8 Responses to “Enough of Winter!”

  1. PAT & JEAN Says:


  2. Grant Noel Says:

    Runway clear?? With clear blue skies and the mountains decorated in fresh snow, it’s lovely right here. Ahh, but palm trees and sparkling sands are always a draw. Thanks for sharing!

  3. what a wonderful tease amidst all this snow! the pictures are beautiful and the temptation is great!
    thanks for a bit of sunshine in a snow-filled day!

  4. I’ll race you to the airport!!!!

  5. How beautiful! I’ll bet you both wish you never left your vacation now. Thanks for the beautiful lift, even if only in my imagination.

  6. I could almost hear the waves hitting the beach- oh…no… wait – that ‘s the snow plow!

    Wish I was on that beach now.

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