Reflections….take 2.

I’ve been experimenting with more reflection images and turning  the image led me to look at them differently.  Time to upend the normal.  What do you think?

Reflections autumn

Met Life Building


MoMA Automobile


4 Responses to “Reflections….take 2.”

  1. Elaine Gongora Says:

    I don’t think the sideways shot works. I keep turning my head to see how it really looks. A more abstract photo would work better. I like the other shots.

    • Thanks Elaine, I like the pattern that the first image makes-it almost looks mechanical with tabs or buttons in the center…then it jumps back to something organic and recognizable. I’ve been enjoying the drawings of M. C. Escher lately. His work probably influenced the orientation of this image.

  2. The first image holds my attention the longest. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it before.
    I like that the reflection is very abstract – I’m not sure what it is until I look at only the right side. When I look at the right side, I appreciate the shapes for their shapes, what they are becomes secondary. This is a very interesting effect, I think you should do more like this, go crazy!
    I like the second one, too! Lots of different light “levels” (not too familiar with photography lingo) Wonder how it would be if you bring down the top left, just a tiny bit in brightness. Not too much.
    The third shot – what is that reflection in? I’m stumped!

    • Laurie, thanks for your comments and suggestions. The third shot was taken at MoMA. It is a reflection on the hood of the fabulous red automobile that is in the design collection. Officially it is called Cisitalia 202 GT Car Pininfarina (Battista “Pinin” Farina) (Italian, 1893-1966). It’s “parked” near a window so there are interesting reflections of the surrounding buildings on the surface. After I cropped the shot, I rotated it so the buildings appeared right side up.

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