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The photographs of reflections on glass buildings that illustrated my last post sparked my interest.  These water reflections are more fluid and  fascinate me.

Trees reflecting in the water

Reflections © melabee m miller

Boat & reflection

Reflections © melabee m miller

Masts reflecting in the water

Reflections © melabee m miller

We’ve all seen reflections on water before but it is always inspiring to “see” again.  Guess what is reflecting in the above photo?

Melabee’s Images on Posters!

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I’ve been using my fine art expertise and drawing on my photographs.  It has been quite enjoyable to work directly on paper, scan the image and later add to it using PhotoShop.  I am proud to announce that three of my newest artwork have been selected to be produced as posters.  Today they are available for sale online.

The image below is one of two posters showing  a coastal scene with Adirondack chairs.  This original photo was taken on Block Island, RI.   Click on this image to find out more.

Five Adirondack Chairs  on Block Island

© melabee m miller Coastal Scene

A series showing wagon wheels (original photo taken in Denmark)  is also available. Click on the image to see all four versions.  Each can be custom framed.

wagon wheels

© melabee m miller Wagon Wheels

Be sure to order your own today from any of the sites below or try a Google search using “melabee posters” to find online availability.

Poster Hero


Remembering Earth Day 1970

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On the first Earth Day I was working at a design office on 22nd Street in New York City near the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway.  Watching from my 5th floor studio window,  I saw the first parade participants marching downtown.  I picked up my camera and ran outside.  Here are a few things that I saw.

Earth Day New York City

Fifth Avenue, Earth Day 1970 © melabee m miller

New York City Earth Day

Earth Day 1970 © melabee m miller

Banner Earth Day 1970

Union Square, Earth Day 1970 © melabee m miller

I usually don’t shoot people but Earth Day was such important event,  I had to be part of it and that paid off.  My photo was published on the cover of the Italian design magazine, domus.

Cover of the July 1970 issue of domus magazine

Cover of the July 1970 issue of domus magazine

And, yes, the photo was printed upside down-on purpose.

Enough of Winter!

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Beach in Puerto Rico

Palmas del Mar © melabee m miller

Take a seat in the lounge chair on this beautiful beach in Puerto Rico.

Soft rolling waves.

Soft rolling waves. © melabee m miller

Now, look out at the waves and imagine the warm water.

Sunset on the beach

Sleeping on the beach? © melabee m miller

We could stay all night but, how about a lovely meal?

Marinating shrimp in Puerto Rico.

Shrimp © melabee m miller

Start with shrimp marinated in a hot sauce.

A wonderful Mallorca dessert. © melabee m miller

And, top off this escape with a Mallorca, fried to perfection.

Feel Better?  I do!

February 2010 View from a Window

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Looking out the windows of the Naples hotel as seen in last month’s blog, I realized that every time I visit a new place or revisit a familiar one I am curious about what I can see through the windows-anywhere and everywhere-in private homes, museums, even restaurant restrooms.  It keeps me oriented especially if I am returning to take photos, well, maybe not the restrooms.  Peeking out shutters or drapes I might discover some interesting things and occasionally I’ll see a few gems like the three images below.

Duomo, Florence Italy

© melabee m miller Roof tiles, Duomo, Florence Italy

View from window at Ellis Island toward Statue of Liberty

© melabee m miller Through the window at Island 3, Ellis Island

Over rooftops toward Valley of Diano, Sala Consilina, Italy

© melabee m miller Over rooftops in Sala Consilina, Italy

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade” says American writer, Tom Peters.

And, I couldn’t pass up this quote by comedian, Steven Wright…….. “Every so often, I like to go to the window, look up, and smile for a satellite picture.”


January 2010 Light

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Still thinking about light, I am considering daylight and no daylight.  I searched my photos to find day and night comparisons and found these, which were taken from the windows of a hotel in Naples, Italy.  They overlooked Via Mergellina, which ran along the Bay of Naples.  It was a busy street during the day but became chaotic in the evening and at night.

© melabee m miller Looking north, Bay of Naples, Italy

Although these were almost taken from the same point, seen alone, they could be mistaken for a completely different location.  Why is that?

The day photos were anchored-buildings, street, cars, boats, water.  They show a straight forward view up and down the street.

The night photos show headlights and street lights dancing around and your eye follows them throughout the image.  Most things, people,  buildings, etc. are obscured.  One cannot tell where this photo was taken. The lights and movement are important and exciting.

View from window, Naples, Italy

© melabee m miller Looking south, Bay of Naples, Italy

“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.”  by Vincent van Gogh ( Dutch Painter, one of the greatest of the Post-Impressionists, 1853-1890)


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Sunset over sailboat in Orient Bay, NY

© melabee m miller Sunset, Orient Bay, NY

At this time of the year, I have been thinking about how daylight diminishes daily.  Each morning the sun rises one minute later than the day before and it sets one minute earlier.  That’s two minutes per day and November 1 steals away another hour of daylight.  As the amount of light fades there are still opportunities to create visually beautiful images.

Moon Rise in Puerto Rico

© melabee m miller Moonrise Puerto Rico

Let’s all remember to take the time to really see our surroundings, no matter what the circumstances.

As Dorothea Lange once said, “A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera” . A wonderful  photographer, she was hired by the Farm Security Administration to document the plight of farmworkers in the Great Depression.  A new  book about her work, entitled Dorothea Lange, A Life Beyond Limits by Linda Gordon has recently been published.