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Enough of Winter!

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Beach in Puerto Rico

Palmas del Mar © melabee m miller

Take a seat in the lounge chair on this beautiful beach in Puerto Rico.

Soft rolling waves.

Soft rolling waves. © melabee m miller

Now, look out at the waves and imagine the warm water.

Sunset on the beach

Sleeping on the beach? © melabee m miller

We could stay all night but, how about a lovely meal?

Marinating shrimp in Puerto Rico.

Shrimp © melabee m miller

Start with shrimp marinated in a hot sauce.

A wonderful Mallorca dessert. © melabee m miller

And, top off this escape with a Mallorca, fried to perfection.

Feel Better?  I do!



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Sunset over sailboat in Orient Bay, NY

© melabee m miller Sunset, Orient Bay, NY

At this time of the year, I have been thinking about how daylight diminishes daily.  Each morning the sun rises one minute later than the day before and it sets one minute earlier.  That’s two minutes per day and November 1 steals away another hour of daylight.  As the amount of light fades there are still opportunities to create visually beautiful images.

Moon Rise in Puerto Rico

© melabee m miller Moonrise Puerto Rico

Let’s all remember to take the time to really see our surroundings, no matter what the circumstances.

As Dorothea Lange once said, “A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera” . A wonderful  photographer, she was hired by the Farm Security Administration to document the plight of farmworkers in the Great Depression.  A new  book about her work, entitled Dorothea Lange, A Life Beyond Limits by Linda Gordon has recently been published.