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Holiday Decorating

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Palm Trees  © melabee m miller

Palm Trees © melabee m miller

Best Wishes for the Holiday Season!





Celebrating Women

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March 8th is International Women’s Day, let’s remember all the women in our lives.

2012 Holiday Greetings

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Respite from the storm.

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The past two weeks have been quite difficult.  I hope that my photos from a recent trip will transport you away….for just a moment or two.

In mid-October, I went to the New York Botanical Garden‘s show, Monet’s Garden. My garden had just a few flowers, so I was amazed at the amount of plants in full bloom outside the Conservatory.  Even some water lilies were still blooming in the courtyard pools. Of course, inside was overflowing with plants similar to the ones that Claude Monet  planted in his garden in Giverny, France.  I hope you enjoy these photos and take a moment to smile.

All my best to those who are still struggling.

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Scramble of Lights

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At the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C.,  I looked through a doorway in the permanent collection.  There I saw a painting whose surface was changing colors. At least I thought it was a painting. I was mesmerized and watched the apparent painting shift from afar and then went closer to examine the surface.  The piece was hanging in a niche and had a glossy plexiglass front.

It wasn’t a conventional painting, but it was art. The guard said that Scramble was installed about 6 months ago and it was one of the most interesting pieces he had seen.  He told me it used the same technology as the shifting light installation across the walkway at the National Gallery.  As we watched it, he said that this was the first time he had seen the all-pink version.  Here are the details:

Villareal, Leo, Scramble, 2011, Light-emitting diodes, Mac mini, custom software, circuitry, wood, Plexiglas; 60 x 60 in.; 152.4 x 152.4 cm. Acquired 2012. Mixed Media, 2012.001.0001, American.

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I’ve been fascinated by the walkway at the National Gallery ever since I experienced it.  In 2009, the National Gallery commissioned American artist Leo Villareal to design a permanent installation in the walkway between the East and the West Wings. Entitled Multiverse,  it  is the largest and most complex light sculpture by the artist. It contains approximately 41,000 computer-programmed LED nodes that run through channels along the entire 200-foot (61 m)-long space.

According to Villareal, the ever-changing Scramble  is a homage to the artist, Frank Stella, whose work Villareal saw at the Phillips Collection. When Villareal and Stella spoke together at a symposium at the Phillips  in June 2011, Villareal was inspired to create Scramble.

But Scramble didn’t start there.  In 1967, Stella created sets and costumes for Merce Cunningham’s dance piece entitled Scramble.  Stella later created a series of paintings based on these sets also called Scramble .  Villareal’s contemporary Scramble is indeed a fitting tribute to Stella and to art inspired by art.

Warm Weather

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Just back from a wonderful catamaran cruise on the yacht,  Sweetest Thing, in the Caribbean.  After a week of sailing, we landed in Newark to find warm weather, trees in bloom, flowers, butterflies and birds chirping.

Spring is here and Summer is not far behind; enjoy the Caribbean’s clear blue water.

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Florence, Italy!

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I’ve visited Florence numerous times and I wondered if I would tire of it and take the first train to, well….somewhere.  But no, there are always new things to do and familiar places to see again.

During my visit to Florence this summer, the first tour was to see the newly restored frescoes which depict The Legend of the True Cross on the walls and ceiling of the High Altar of the Church of Santa Croce. Scaffolding was in place while the finishing touches were made to the frescoes and this allowed visitors to tour the art. Without a special request or additional cost, an English speaking tour guide was there to translate just for us. Grazie!

We climbed the 110 scaffolding steps to the top. It was so exciting to literally be face-to-face with the life size figures in these incredible frescoes painted by Agnolo Gaddi – son of Taddeo Gaddi.  Italian restoration only allows the frescoes to be cleaned.  If paint or gold leaf is missing, it remains in that condition. Because of this, we saw some of the lines of the original drawing on the wall.  Amazing! No photos were allowed in this area, so we took out our journals and drew.

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To see even more photos of Florence, be sure to preview my book at


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